Monday, April 21, 2008

Zionist Terror Gang

Zionist Terror Gang

UK Journalist Vilified For Criticising Israel
London, Dec. 13, IRNA

Veteran Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk has spoken out for the first time about his vilification by Israel and the Zionist lobby fordaring to tell the truth about the Palestinian Uprising. "The degree of abuse and outright threats now being directed at anyone - academic, analyst, reporter - who dare to criticise Israel is fastreaching McCarthyite proportions," he said in an article in theIndependent newspaper on Wednesday.
Fisk broke his silence about thecampaign against him after rumors that the Independent has been underpressure from the Zionist lobby for the past two months not topublish his critical articles during the current massacre of Palestinians. The British journalist also referred to the unprecedented abuse from the Zionist Organisation of America against Professor Edward Said of Columbia University, saying that demands for his dismissal were now on an almost daily basis. US Jewish philosopher Noam Chomsky, who also writes scathing review of Israel's occupation, has also become the target of ever more ruthless abuse, he said. "Ignorance of the Middle East is now so firmly adhered to inthe US that only a few tiny newspapers report anything other than Israel's point of view," the British journalist said. He referred tothe attempt to force the media to obey Israel's rules as now becoming international. "Israeli ambassadors and Israel's lobbyists have neverbeen such frequent visitors to European newspaper offices, to complain," he said. Fisk's own experiences of abuse included the Israel Ambassador to Dublin Mark Sofer launching a diatribe against his reporting, which he said should not be read or believed, in the middle of a totally unrelated prize-giving ceremony for a Belfast journalist.
He said that the abuse continues against the Independent's sister newspapers in other countries that also carry his articles, including a five-page letter from an Australian lobby group that accused him of a "stupor of self-deception." His final question was whether journalist would listen to Arab ambassadors and lobbyists behaving like their Israeli opposite numbers, saying that there was no chance they would run for cover and print only one side of the story.

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