Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bikie Gang to Corporate Media and Government Thugs

Bikie Gang to Corporate Media and Government Thugs

Bikie Gangs are not the flavor of the month. Originally fairly affluent people used to own bikes and they used to hang around, socialize and where appropriate flirt with others. World Wars, Korean and Vietnam Wars produced many shell shock and drug addict soldiers. Eventually Bike Clubs ended up with Bikie Gangs when the criminal element disposed to the objectives of money, power and fun (sex) emerged. In the pursuit of those objectives they needed money. To get money they got involved with drugs and other nasty enterprises. Surely, no one would say, “they are a kind and good people”. However, in reality they are not worse than many big businesses and governments.

Original bikie gang members in the USA, Canada and Australia used to be from Anglo-Saxon stock. Then with the various gangs expanding and many breaking off to form their own separate clubs and chapters within those new clubs there was an intake of members who had as their back Ground and their origins from some European countries i.e. Greek, Italian, Yugoslav. Nowadays many patch holding, one percenter bike gangs draw their members from those with an Arab background. i.e. Lebanese, Assyrians etc who have become attracted these gangs. After all this one percenter bikie movement attracts and stems from a background of aspiring, working class and often criminally disposed persons and that includes some with an Arab background.

Legend and general talk on the streets says the Arabs joined the bikie gangs for their own protection as they are one of the target groups. The islander groups are also mingling with Arab groups. It appears they are getting aggressive and winning. Some analysts suggest, ongoing and strong Anti-Arab policies and campaigns may have pushed them to be daring.

In Australia Arab and Muslim bashing is the most spectacular “sport“ in town. Due to the current bikie wars some shock jocks have intensified their attack on Arabs and Muslims in general .

Although Arab bikies and Muslim bikies or any other bikies for that matter do not follow any particular race, religion or culture! In fact they follow their own religion. Even some bikies are so poor they can not afford to buy a bike or trade drugs. They usually associate in groups that for all appearances look very similar to recognized gangs and at times bash bouncers when the opportunity arrives! They do so often because they are angry at those club and pub bouncers due their prejudicial treatment towards them.

Thanks to Osama bin Laden and the so called war on terror! Many good governments are taking away our civil, industrial and other rights under the guise of protecting us. It is like locking us up to protect us. Many big corporations are also jumping on this bandwagon!

You see it when you are using the Sydney International Airport Terminal where they are engaging in the time worn practice of manipulation and control by charging us extra money under the pretence of providing extra safety and security! This extra money is divided between some private companies and government. In reality they are taking this money under false pretences or extortion if you like as they failed to improve safety or security in the first place. They also do not have any intention to upgrade safety or essential services such as toilet facilities and the ongoing maintenance of such but would rather be engaged in the wrestling down of taxi drivers and arresting them or preferably having others arrest or penalize them for scratching their bums with the wrong finger or at the wrong time.

Many examples suggest they have downgraded security and safety and services. Some say they are planning to import any type of worker or any standard of contractor, agency or company even to the point of employing the “Taliban” to “protect“ Sydney Airport as a cost cutting measure! Yet, they are charging us big money and engaging in manipulation and control to satisfy their unquenchable lust and greed as well as maintain domination and power over us in a manner not unlike the tactics employed by some outlaw bikie gangs.

Therefore, I find them all functioning and operating in a similar manner. They are not different. They are simply corporate thugs dressed in suits and ties.