Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mukto Mona’s Response to Zionist Campaign Against Free Speech

Mukto Mona’s Response to Zionist Campaign Against Free Speech

First of all I have done nothing wrong. I have quoted it from a Jewish publication. Should anyone wish, they can present their side of the story without getting nasty with me, Yahoo or anyone at anytime.

Further to
Muslim vs Jews the Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one! It is a conflict of land. Yet, some people (Zionists/”Jews”/Israelis) have been inciting against Muslim and Arabs for a long time. Many scholars including Uri Avnery will agree with me.
"Every honest Jew who knows the history of his people cannot but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Islam, which has protected the Jews for fifty generations, while the Christian world persecuted the Jews and tried many times by the sword to get them to abandon their faith." (Uri Avnery, a Jewish Journalist)

However, Zionists/”Jews”/Israelis have been inciting against Muslims and Arabs based on PURE PREJUDCIE and BIGOTRY. Yet, no one says anything against them or even makes a little effort to stop their deliberate lies and endless bigotry. However, should anyone says the truth about their religion (dark side or revolting practices), they are unable to argue or defend them in a civilized manner. Instead they insult and abuse others without any logic, legality, morality or remorse whatsoever. Please examine three paragraphs below and their mindless stupidity. I wonder, why the hell the rest of the world has to bend backwards for them? Aren’t we all equal??.

Some people do not tolerate pointing finger at them and they call people like
Noam Chomsky “self hating Jew”, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens “anti-Semite”.

Norma Khoury, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali and many more crooks became over night celebrity by inciting against Muslims and Arabs based on totally false and fabricated prejudice and bigotry of theirs aided by a very well known and organized groups. In the net and media Islam and Arab bashings are the most spectacular sports.

Again, you see Muslim and Arab bashings are the most popular sports in the town. For an example people like
Bat Yeor, Melanie Phillips, Prof. Raphael Israeli and many more Zionists/”Jews/Israelis are borrowing entire chapters and verses from Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf against Arabs and Muslims and then they express their astonishment in German Poll Support Nazi Rule! A commotion like Greek Historian sentenced for 'Holocaust’ denial does not attract the fundamental question of free speech!

The longest running concentration camps known to mankind are located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity! This slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine is more painful than Hitler’s one. Yet, no one is allowed to ask any question about this blatant Holocaust! This is not in the past. It is happening in front of everyone, right now!

Why do we have such a blatant hypocrisy and double standard? Where is the equality amongst all?

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